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    “The population is probably only 50 percent of the long-term average,” Taylor said. “There’s no question the monarch population is going down. It’s the same old story we hear over and over — loss of habitat.”

                            – Chip Taylor

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    The Monarchs are on the move!

    Dear Friends of the Monarch Trail, Community Members and Monarch Enthusiasts,

     Time to take a walk on the trail!

    Monarch Trail's Oak Grove- - Sept 10, 2014  ---

     The cold temps make it difficult to determine when another wave of Monarchs will arrive.

    We need your help in collecting milkweed seeds!

    In order to preserve the monarch migration we need more milkweed throughout the Country. Chip Taylor, founder of Monarch Watch m o narch w a tch . o rg has

    launched a campaign: “Bring Back the Monarchs —and it all starts with seeds.

    He issued a request for Wisconsin seeds and contacted the Friends of the Monarch Trail to help

    —so let’s get collecting!

    Here’s how:


    What, when and where to collect:

    How much should I collect?

    Collect as much as you can. Many pounds of milkweed seeds are needed for seed mixes used in roadside or landscape restoration. Two to four onion bags of pods will yield about one pound of seeds.


    Milkweed sap can damage your eyes. The initial irritation is a bit painful followed by a cloudiness of the cornea which can take a week to  clear up. You don’t want this to happen to you or anyone who works with you.

    Wear gloves while collecting milkweed pods and avoid contacting your face, or region of the eyes, with the gloves. Wash your hands carefully after handling milkweed pods. Should milkweed sap get into your eyes or that of a fellow collector, seek medical attention immediately. Once collected—we will dry them and hold a Milkweed shucking event so everyone can come help separate the seeds from the fluff. This date is yet to be determined. Please check: the m o narch

    or Friends of the Monarch Trail on Facebook for further updates.

    Thank you for your continued support!!

    Barb Agnew

    Friends of the Monarch Trail Habitat Restoration Plan Team

    How do I get to the Monarch Trail?

    The UWM Monarch Conservancy and The Monarch Trail is located at approximately 1425 Discovery Parkway in Wauwatosa. This is the address of ABB, our neighbor to the south and directions are accessible on Google maps and mapquest.

    The Trail Head is on the west side of Discovery parkway.

    Public Parking is available along the east side of Discovery parkway.