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Special Announcement

Up next:

 Eagle Scout candidate Jack Wanner

will be helping the Monarch Trail this fall!

He will be planting 2,000 plants in the wetland on the west side of the trail. Thanks to Jack and Troop 580 for helping make this tremendous progress on our restoration area!

Hawks Landscape is also donating a huge Hackberry tree

which will be planted near our kiosk on the

 UWM Monarch Conservancy.

 Thanks to Hawks and their generosity

for our community project.

 Marek Landscaping has been our workhorse contractor the entire season. Their work included all of the invasive species management, preparation of planting areas, and ecology advisors throughout the year.

Thanks to Buddy and Mike for their commitment to the monarch habitat rehab since 2010!

The Year in review will be posted soon

-what a year it has been!