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    “The population is probably only 50 percent of the long-term average,” Taylor said. “There’s no question the monarch population is going down. It’s the same old story we hear over and over — loss of habitat.”

                            – Chip Taylor

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    How do I get to the Monarch Trail?

    The UWM Monarch Conservancy and The Monarch Trail is located at approximately 1425 Discovery Parkway in Wauwatosa. This is the address of ABB, our neighbor to the south and directions are accessible on Google maps and mapquest.

    The Trail Head is on the west side of Discovery parkway.

    Public Parking is available along the east side of Discovery parkway.

    From Urban Wilderness- Eddee Daniel

    7th Annual Migration Celebration on the County Grounds a great success!

    Help Track the monarch migration—Journey North

    Citizen scientists track the monarch butterfly migration each fall and spring as the monarchs travel to and from Mexico. Report your own observations of migrating butterflies to real-time migration maps. Share data to help scientists understand how monarchs respond to climate and changing seasons. Explore monarch butterfly life cycle, ecology, habitat and conservation needs.

    “Moving 4 Monarchs” at the “Migration Celebration”